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Why People Choosing Nick's Auto Sales and Services!

As our dear friend Smoking Joe Frazier pointed out "Nick's Auto Sales is #1!"

From Our Customers

Ravana Starks
This is my second vehicle purchased from Nick Jr's Auto Sales and have had a positive experience every time!! Thanks to Joe for his professionalism!!! Thanks
Albert & Debbie Strong Family
Nick Jr's Auto Sales gives GREAT SERVICE!!! I recommend anyone shopping for a vehicle to check them out! We thank you!!!
Greg, From New York City
I came all the way from New York City. Joe at Nick Jr's Auto Sales was great!!! I finally got the car of my dreams at Nick's ... 1966 MUSTANG :)
Ronnetta Adams
This has been by far the easiest deal I ever made! They were very up front as well as compassionate. I will recommend Nick's to everyone!!! If you are looking then this is the Place to Buy!"
Jasmonae Washington
I'm 22 years old with horrible credit! I didn't have a lot of monthly income and still left with the vehicle of my choosing ... a 2008 Chevrolet Impala with 86,000 miles on it. I was able to get a 2 year warranty and very low monthly payments each month. Nick Jr's went according to my income and what I can afford! Thank you Joe & Nick Jr's Auto Sales!!
James A Coleman
Thank You Nick's Auto Sales for another GREAT car deal! This is my 4th car from you guys. THANKS!!!
1979 Cevrolet Camaro Z28...RARE FIND, ONE OF A KIND!!! Only at Nick's Auto Sales!!!
Barbara Albright
This is my second car purchased from Nick's Auto Sales!!! GREAT Prices & Service!!

More From Our Customers

Ed Smith

"Excellent service-Great salesman-Great to deal with! Highly Recomended! This is my second car bought here. "

Duane Davis

"I found the service & vehicle sold to me at Nick's Auto Sales to be one of the best in the pre owned business. Joe was helpful and informative from start to finish. At Nick's Auto Sales they use the resources & network to benefit the customer. I have purchased this vehicle from Nick's Auto Sales in FEBRUARY 2003 and 8 months later, I am 100% satisfied!"

Doris D. Stevens

I would like to say at this moment that I'm very thankful for Nick's Auto Sales. My husband and I had just lost our car. We had some credit problems, however Nick's Auto Sales worked with us. Made the payments affordable. Now on this day 03/27/03 we made the final payment. The car is running great. Once again, "THANK YOU NICK'S!

Pete and Deb Webster

"Joe, you are the BEST! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making our dreams come true! Nick's Auto Sales far exceeded our expectations in the quality of service and assistance. Your fast and friendly customer financing allowed us to leave with a vehicle we never imagined we would ever own!! We are now the proud owners of a beautiful Chevy Blazer SUV, and the most exciting part is it's our favorite color of Teal Blue! Joe, you are a automotive saint! The best to you and your guys at Nick's Auto Sales. Not only will all our future business be with you, we have no hesitation recommending you to friends and family! Family business means family quality! Joe, thanks again for treating us like family! Sincerely," -- Pete and Deb Webster, Philadelphia, PA & England, UK

Arthur C. Tribbett

"I purchased a nice 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Nick's Auto Sales. The service was very professional and the salesman was very courteous. I would recommend people buy a vehicle from them because of their A-1 SERVICE!"

Jennifer Plitt

"Hi, I wasn’t sure if there was a place we could leave customer reviews on your website? Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you & tell you how satisfied I am as a customer! about a month ago I purchased a 2004 Dodge Stratus from you guys. This is actually my 3rd vehicle purchased through Nick Jr's A/S (South Philly) & now I will not go anywhere else when looking for a vehicle! I also make sure anyone I know looking for a vehicle comes to you guys also. At first the car was a little shaky mechanically, but after a few trips to the shop you guys took care of everything I asked for & also didn’t charge me a dime & I couldn’t tell you how thankful & satisfied I am for it! I also couldn’t praise you or thank you enough on your excellent customer service! I am completely happy with all you guys down at Nick’s have done for me & can say I am truly a happy customer. It’s rare you find companies anymore that actually care about their customers or still stand behind the motto “customers are always right” but I can say that Nick Jr's Auto Sales does & I can also see why you guys have been in business as long as you have. I know I might have seemed like a pain at times, but I truly appreciate you guys getting my car up & running 100% for me! Thanks again to Mike the salesman, Nick the mechanic, & everyone else who played a part in making me such the happy & satisfied customer that I am. Best Regards,"